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RT300 vs. the MyoCycle, Part 4 – Affordability
Apr 21

RT300 vs. the MyoCycle, Part 4 – Affordability

Posted by Myolyn

Considering buying an FES bike and exploring your options? This post is the final part of a four part guide that provides a detailed comparison between the MyoCycle and the most common alternative, the RT300.

In part one of this series, we discussed what it means to say that the MyoCycle is “substantially” equivalent to the RT300. In part two, we discussed the similarities and differences between the RT300 and the MyoCycle in terms of the therapy they provide. In part three, we compared the MyoCycle’s design philosophy of ease-of-use and automation to the RT300’s features and flexibility. In this final part of the series, we discuss affordability and how it is that MYOLYN makes FES-cycling more affordable.

Affordability of a MyoCycle vs. RT300

The MyoCycle is, without a doubt, the most affordable FES bike on the market. In fact, a basic RT300-SL typically retails for about 70% more than a MyoCycle, and the fully-featured RT300-SLSA can cost three to four times more. There are two main reasons, already mentioned in previous parts of this guide, for why the RT300 is so much more expensive.

The first reason has to do with design and manufacturing. The RT300 is essentially a THERA-Trainer tigo to which RTI adds its own FES system. This means that most of the RT300 is designed and manufactured by another company in Germany. Therefore, the cost of an RT300 includes the costs of design and manufacturing in Germany, shipping to the US from Germany, and adding FES. In contrast, the MyoCycle is entirely designed and assembled in the USA by MYOLYN, with the majority of the components having domestic origin, so there’s no middle manufacturer and no extra finishing costs.

The second reason has to do with usability. Since the RT300 requires setup by a trained specialist, whenever someone buys an RT300 for use at home, RTI sends a trained specialist to that person’s home, where the specialist spends a couple hours setting the RT300 up and teaching the person how to use it. Therefore, the cost of an RT300 at home includes travel expenses and several hours of a trained specialist’s time. In contrast, the MyoCycle is so easy to use that anyone can set it up and use it by themselves without specialized knowledge or training.

To summarize, the MyoCycle is so much more affordable than other FES cycling systems because it is entirely designed and assembled in the USA by MYOLYN and does not require specialized setup and training.


Having compared and contrasted the key aspects of the MyoCycle vs. the RT300, we can now draw conclusions to help people who looking to buy an FES bike to buy the product that is best for them. In terms of safety and effectiveness, the MyoCycle and the RT300 are substantially equivalent, meaning that riders can get a great, safe workout with either device. In terms of usability, the MyoCycle is much easier to use, meaning that riders can spend less time on setup and more time on getting a great workout. In terms of affordability, there is no comparison – the MyoCycle is much more affordable because buyers aren’t paying for overseas manufacturing or specialized installation and training. If you are looking for an FES bike with all the bells and whistles and can afford the price tag, the RT300 is for you. But if you’re looking for an effective, easy-to-use, and affordable FES bike, the MyoCycle is right for you

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