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Increased Mobility

Peter Calabrese, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, shares his story on rediscovering his passion for exercise with his MyoCycle Home after being unable to walk for more than ten years.
Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Peter Calabrese and I am 60 years old.  I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and have been unable to walk for the past ten years.  Originally from Chicago and now living in Florida, I am an internal medicine physician with a wife and two sons.

Prior to my diagnosis of MS I participated in basketball, golf, and lifting weights.  Due to the effects of MS, I substituted swimming for golf and basketball.  Seven years ago as my disease progressed, I had to stop my swimming routine due to muscle weakness and spasticity.  I was frustrated that I had no substitute for cardio exercise.  A lack of such options caused my leg muscles to atrophy and become even weaker. Two years ago I read an article in the local paper about the development of the MyoCycle. I then followed the progress of the MyoCycle on the MYOLYN website, anxious for FDA approval.  Once it was approved, I bought the MyoCycle and have used it daily since then.

In fact, I can now take about 10 steps using my walker, something I have not been able to do for years.

My endurance while on the MyoCycle has increased with time and I am less fatigued as my muscles acclimate to this new exercise. Since using the MyoCycle, I have noticed increased muscle mass in my thighs (quadriceps).  My leg strength has increased and spasticity has decreased. In fact, I can now take about 10 steps using my walker, something I have not been able to do for years.  I am better able to stand and squat without spasms.  The decreased spasticity has also improved my ability to sleep for longer periods. The greatest benefit from the MyoCycle is my improved mental attitude as I am able to once again participate in some form of cardiovascular exercise.  It is great to feel those exercise endorphins flowing again.  I have always been proactive in looking for ways to prevent the progression of this debilitating disease. I would strongly recommend the MyoCycle to anyone with a condition similar to mine.