Sheldon’s Story

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Increased Strength

Sheldon Riner, a retired attorney, suffered a stroke at 63 years old that left him unable to move his left arm and leg. Determined to get back to his passion of bicycling with his wife, Sheldon is using his MyoCycle to rebuild his strength and endurance.
Right Brain Stroke

I was devastated when I had a right-brain stroke with complications of brain swelling. I had to have a craniectomy removing my right brain flap to give the brain room to expand —it was replaced six weeks later. When I got through the crisis, my left side was totally flaccid. I had no sensation or
ability to move my left leg or arm.

I am determined to get back to my passion—bicycling. My wife, Kathy and I have five bikes each in our basement. Initially, I was doing in house rehab and starting to make progress when I had yet another trauma — an 8mm kidney stone followed by drug-resistant infections which all but eliminated my progress.

My name is Sheldon Riner, I’m 63 years old, a retired attorney, and I saw the MyoCycle as the rehab vehicle to help me recover and get me back to the sport my wife and I love. I was right. The MyoCycle has provided me with an accessible exercise option available whenever I want—I don’t have to schedule an appointment. The MyoCycle has allowed me to rebuild my strength and increase my endurance. It has also helped me develop more mobility in my left leg.

Since starting with Myocycle, I have regained sensation in my lower leg, can kick out my leg, lift my leg and have more stability standing.

My progress is such a boost to my morale that I am motivated to keep using the MyoCycle. The regular exercise helps lift my spirit, clears my head and improves my recovery optimism. I find I’m getting back to more of my pre-stroke routine.

Everyone is different and motivated by a variety of options, but this one is for me. Since the MyoCycle arrived and Kathy easily assembled it, I couldn’t be happier. I am confident I will continue to progress thanks to the convenience and effectiveness of MyoCycle.