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We would like to welcome our partnership with Amanda Perla!

At Myolyn, our vision is to improve health and human performance by empowering people to move. We are proud to announce a new partnership that will strengthen our vision and enhance our mission in Powering Your Potential! Meet Amanda Perla, the new Brand Ambassador for Myolyn.

After a motor vehicle accident 10 years ago, Amanda sustained a spinal cord injury, leaving her a C6 quadriplegic. After going through in-patient rehabilitation and outpatient physical therapy, Amanda found the goals to be extremely limited. It was then that she began to do research to find a more aggressive recovery program.

Her research paid off when she found the MyoCycle. MYOLYN’s founders, Matt and Alan, brought a MyoCycle to NextStep Orlando, where Amanda was able to experience the MyoCycle first hand. After six months of using the MyoCycle, Amanda noticed a positive change and felt like the FES cycle was a great source of cardio and really helped to keep her body healthy.

Now, Amanda and Myolyn have come together in a partnership that will bring awareness to the benefits of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Myolyn’s FES products. As a speaker and representative for NextStep Orlando, she plays a vital role in their recovery program just as she will play a vital role at Myolyn as the Brand Ambassador. With this new partnership, Myolyn and Amanda hope to be able to help others to stay happy and healthy by empowering them to move.

“It was a product that I really wanted to have and I’m just excited to share it [the MyoCycle] with all of my friends that need an FES bike either at home or at their gym setting as well.” – Amanda Perla

If you’d like to learn more about how the MyoCycle can help someone with paralysis to get a great workout, contact us.